Inward Bound Team Building

Instead of going “Outward Bound” for your team building programmes why not take them “Inward Bound”!  A fascinating exploration of what makes people tick!

Now although we have been a little unkind with the traditional teambuilding activities, we can see the value of taking groups of people away from their working environment to see their colleagues from a different perspective.  Very often this gives an insight and an appreciation of others as long as your people see this as worthwhile and “Safe” I.E. they will not be exposed to ridicule or undertake tasks that expose fears or other traits.

The Inward Bound series of courses and events enables people to explore the uncharted territory between their ears!  The recent discoveries about how we view the world and the differences between us makes this a very exciting set of courses that can be utilised everyday at work.

Inward bound for team building

Team Building courses and programmes can take place either at your location, a convenient central venue or at our new Behavioural Academy based in the Staffordshire Moorlands

Bespoke Programmes

behavioural onion

Success Factor have been creating & building teams for over sixteen years and the principles of the organisation for considerably longer than this.  We have a very hands on approach supported by a broad knowledge of human behaviour some of which has only recently been discovered using MRI and EEG brain caps, which supports the work of W. Clement Stone & Nobel Prize nominee Robert S Hartman.

This knowledge and experience enables us to develop unique and powerful programmes that can be designed to address specific issues and give you tools to allow ongoing coaching to occur with either your own people or our approved coaches.

Team working is not an art it’s a science that can be measured and engineered.  Don’t let your teams fail because you allowed it.

“Off The Peg”  Team Building Courses

  • Inward Bound

Behavioural Based Courses

  • Communicating With Style
  • Time Management Within The Team
  • Conflict Management

Intrinsic Driving Forces Based Courses

  • Understanding Your Drivers
  • Valuing Others

Emotional Quotient Development Programmes

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Controlling Pressure and Stress

Management Development

  • Team Alignment
  • Applying Drive With Performance Agreements
  • Communicating With Your People.
  • ADDEPT or Die